Areas of of expertise products

A world class supplying team built for you

Petropipe Oil and Gas main expertise encompasses Onshore Upstream and Midstream sectors of the Oil & Gas industry.

In house experience and capabilities are also extended to some fields of the downstream sector and to offshore projects.Enabled by our exclusive partnerships, we provide our clients with an unrivaled level of engineering excellence, technical proficiency and project management expertise.

  • Strengthen client base by ensuring excellence and innovation in service delivery
  • Enhance capability using the “build-borrow-buy” growth pathway – Create and sustain strategic relationships that will guarantee superior delivery in a synergistic manner
  • Recruit, retain and reward high-performance employees
  • Develop manufacturers and procurement strategies which go hand in hand with the sales
Key Strengths
  • Strong technical support team
  • OEM support
  • Financial Stability
  • Strong employee attitudes
  • Excellent customer service
  • Large market share
  • Strong relationships with customer
  • Leadership in product innovation
  • 24 x 7 availability to clients
  • Highly efficient & low-cost purchase
  • Tailor made packages