Radial Fans

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for industrial requirements

We offer customized solutions in pressure-resistant, gas-tight and corrosion-proof designs for most applications in the chemical and petrochemical industries.  Thanks to their high safety and quality standards, our system solutions are frequently implemented along with environmentally hazardous substances or potentially explosive compounds. Standards improve the safety of industrial processes, ensure quality, reduce costs and avoid waste. This is why we take German, European and American standards as its benchmark. The American Petroleum Industry (API) Standards in particular make high demands of the industry. We builds and delivers machines that comply with these specific requirements. Our tailored portfolio of compressors and blowers complies with API 617. API 614, API 670, API 671, API 672, API 673 and DIN EN standards. We thus help you to improve your plant’s efficiency and profitability.

Data Sheet

Flow Rate  80 – 500,000 m³/h

Max Pressure  100 bar

Pressure Ratio  up to 1.5

Rotation Speed up to 12,000 rpm

Drive Power  up to 5.0 MW

Our radial compressors are used in the following processes Chemical industry, Energysupply, Food industry Iron and steel industry,Oil and gas industry Petrochemical industry, Pharmaceutics Refineries