We supply chem guard and 

centrifugal pumps as per 

industrial needs

Wet end components of Vanton CHEM-GARD centrifugal pumps are injection molded of corrosion resistant polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), polyvinyl fluoride (PVDF), ethylene chloroform polyethylene (ECTFE) or other non-metallic materials that are 100% inert to the fluids being handled across the entire pH range. This eliminates the corrosion and failure associated with pumps constructed of stainless steel and other alloys, the winking associated with fiberglass pump components and the delaminating inherent with plastic-lined metal pumps. Unlike metals (including stainless steel, Hastelloy and other alloys) that have annual rates of corrosion, Vanton thermoplastics are inert, allowing ultra pure liquids to be transferred free of contamination.To fit virtually any new or existing application, CHEM-GARD pumps are offered in numerous configurations including: ANSI, DIN, self-priming, close-coupled, mag-drive,combination close-coupled/mag-drive, seal less, and motor designs with integral pump shafts. It means that a Vanton pump can meet and exceed your performance requirements, while conforming to your new or existing dimensional specifications. 

The wet end is comprised of solid, thick-sectioned, stand-alone components (unlike plastic linings), that are easily replaced, maximizing up time while minimizing cost. 

The unique combination of advantages makes CHEM-GARD pumps ideal for the transfer of process fluids, treatment chemicals, plant effluents and industrial or municipal water and waste streams. For transfer of slurring, stringy materials, and liquids containing solids to 2 in. (51 mm) in diameter, CG, CGA and CGC models of CHEM-GARD pumps are available with Vortex pump heads.