Radial Compressors

Our radial compressors include single-and multi-stage process gas compressors, process air compressors and mechanical vapor compressors. In the integral version, the impeller is directly mounted on the high-speed shaft. Alternative versions are fitted with intermediate bearings. FIMA is the acknowledged world market leader in low-volume radial/turbo compressors. This type of compressor is frequently implemented in chemical processing plants or refineries to return some of the flue gas to the process.

The American Petroleum Industry (API) Standards in particular make high demands of the industry. FIMA builds and delivers machines that comply with these specific requirements. Our tailored portfolio of compressors and blowers complies with API 617, API 614, API 670, API 671, API 672, API 673 and DIN EN standards. We thus help you to improve your plant’s efficiency and profitability.

Application areas Use as process gas or fresh air compressor in the chemical and petrochemical industry for in-line processing support Use in waste water treatment for air enrichment in sedimentation tanks


Flow Rate  150 – 300,000 m³/h

Max Pressure  150 bar

Pressure Ratio  up to 2.5

Rotation Speed up to 35,000 rpm

Drive Power  up to 5.0 MW

Our radial compressors are used in the following processes  Chemical industry  Energy supply  Food industry  Iron and steel industry  Oil and gas industry  Petrochemical industry  Pharmaceutics  Refineries  Wood and plastic processing industry 

Hermetically encapsulated fans and compressors

HETICO (Hermetically tight compressor) Here, the impeller and motor are combined in a single casing to eliminate dynamically stressed gaskets between the processing area and surrounding ambiance.

MACOUCO (Magnetic coupling compressor) Compared to conventional machines, the MACOUCO version offers a high level of environmental friendliness thanks to the design principle on which the magnetic coupling is based.


Application areas

 High-pressure applications

 Cryogen-technical applications

 High speed applications up to 20,000 rpm

Flow Rate  20 – 11,000 m³/h

Max Pressure  250 bar

Pressure Ratio up to 1.5

Rotation Speed up to 20,000 rpm

Drive Power up to 600 kW


Our hermetically encapsulated fans and compressors are used in the following processes Aerospace, Chemical industry, Energy supply, Food industry, Iron and steel industry, Oil and gas industry, Petrochemical industry, Pharmaceutics, Refineries